Thunder Love

It was Club Day; late summer 2011. I was beginning my third trimester at T-Bird, and manning the booth for the Rugby team that day, looking for new recruits… As she walked from booth to booth, exploring the different clubs, I met Christine for the first time. It was her first trimester, she was tall, slender, wearing a flowy summer dress… absolutely beautiful! She was far from being a rugby prospect, but I invited her to join the team anyway. Christine’s response was all that I could have hoped for; a big smile, sly witty response, and the inevitable ‘No Thanks.’ I was completely smitten…

It was another two weeks until our paths on campus crossed again. When we spoke, I learned that Christine was liking Thunderbird and all classes were going well (except for Accounting), and she again turned down my invite to join the rugby team… But, not to worry! I eventually coaxed her to come watch a game; afterward, we ended up going on our first date, to Ray’s Pizza, on 59th and Greenway, across the street from campus in Glendale.

From then on, we had many study dates in the IBIC library, frozen yogurt runs, and amazing late-night dips in the campus pool. Some of our best memories from all the great times at T-Bird!

Christine and I both graduated in December 2012, dated for another 3 years and married in 2016. That first slice of pizza was eight years ago already, but I am now more smitten than ever. We can’t wait to be parents and will welcome our first little Thunder Baby to the world, in only 2 weeks!

Christine is doing very well as a Project Manager in the Healthcare Insurance field, and I am growing a niche consulting business that helps US manufacturing companies do business with India. We are happy to have settled down as Cheeseheads in Milwaukee, WI.

Cheers to Thunder Love this Valentine’s Day!!!

(See a variety of pics below, from T-Bird days until recent.)

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